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A live performance by a loved artist has the ability to inspire, move and mesmerize thousands of souls, something that we can only explain as "harmonious magic!" Thus when we approach a live recording scenario we purpose to capture the life and soul of the music, and that "magic" and ambiance of the event, in all its glorious totality. We have invested in state of the art, purpose build, location recording equipment to ensure that the audio signal reaches the ears of your fans with as little as possible interference from any external influences, resulting in an as true as possible refection of your special event.

More about the SADiE LRX2

THE SADiE LRX2 Location Audio Workstation has been designed to fulfill the needs of an ever more complex recording environment and to serve a wide variety of remote recording applications. It is as effective in capturing the original soundtracks for film and television productions as it is for producing location multi-track audio recordings for release on distributed media such as CD or DVD. The LRX2 combines SADiE's proven high-quality professional audio input and output 'slither card' I/O modules with a tactile hardware control surface and the ability to use a standard laptop via USB2 as the host computer to provide a powerful and effective combination according to the particular application. Based on the original innovative SADiE LRX introduced in 2005, the LRX2 takes the concept a significant stage further by the provision of additional DSP power, plus control surface enhancements. This extra DSP enables recording for up to 64 channels using the MADI interface, or 48 balanced analogue inputs which can be Line-level or Microphone inputs with Phantom power. Sampling rates up to 96kHz/24bit are supported with a variety of dedicated input cards.

For more info on SADiE please visit *Audiosense also provides live sound and stage support to ensure the smooth integration of the live recording process.

Technical Specifications: Recording Hardware - SADiE LRX2 (with MADI-IN expansion)
Apple MacBook Pro - i5
Pre Amps - Allan & Heath IDR64 (with MADI-OUT expansion)
Recording Software - SADiE MTR
Monitoring - ADAM A7X's
Recording Formats - AIFF / WAV
Channel Count - 64 Channels @ 44.1-48K / 24Bit
- 32 Channels @ 88.1-96K / 24Bit
Max REC Time - (4hrs 8min @ 48K/24 bit)
- (2hrs 4min @ 96K/24 bit)

**Real-time stereo mix-down file available for reference purposes