Audiosense | Accoustic Treatment

Studio Design and Treatment

We believe that a creative workspace should be an environment that inspires creative excellence in the people that occupy them. Our methodology is simple. We carefully look at the needs and likes of our client and then bring our knowledge and experience to the table to create a space where uniqueness, versatility and practicality serves the purposes of the creative individuals that will be working in those spaces. We strive to design and build rooms that continue to inspire and enable creative brilliance for years to come, spaces that contribute to the positive and productive atmosphere needed to reach success during the sometimes-long process of an audio production. On the practical side of things we provide the customer with a bespoke, cost effective and unique solution to studio design, soundproofing, acoustic treatment, wiring and implementation.

How do we do all of this?

By including in the design the perfect combination of soundproofing (to cancel out excessive audio spill) and acoustic treatment (RT control) to make every room as friendly and flexible as possible for recording, mixing and or rehearsal purposes. In conclusion we provide you the client with a turnkey studio solution, from design and conceptualisation to implementation. Audiosense also designs and builds custom handmade studio furniture. For more information on any of the above services Click Here