Audiosense | About Us

"about" Audiosense

I realize that most of us don't have time to read through 5 pages of corporate lingo on who we are, so here is the Audiosense version of About Us "in a nutshell".

What is our (Enduring Idea)?

-We Mission to be Consistently Excellent. -The focal point of our business is You, the Client and your production needs. -We strive to "Be a yardstick of quality, 'cause some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is the norm." (Steve Jobs) -We believe that an enduring culture of service excellence is always the result of passionate people, therefore we deem passionate individuals as un-purchasable and priceless assets. - Last but not least, we love hi-end audio gear because it makes what we do possible. (And it looks pretty cool.)

In the doing... (The Difference).

-Working with the right people. Any company will always only be as good as its weakest member, thus we believe it's the great people we work with that makes our business great! -Thinking differently. We believe we have fascinating ideas and concepts concerning audio innovation, resulting in a fresh, creative and bold product. -An honest approach to business. We strive to always provide the client with the best possible solution at the most affordable price. -We are passionate (maybe even slightly obsessed) about audio. We are convinced that no one can be consistently excellent at something that they don't truly love. So we employ and work with the "eat sleep & dream audio CrAzY" crowd. -Innovative thinking. We are always looking at improved and clever ways to accomplish the work load of yesterday faster, better and more efficiently. "Innovation distinguishes between the leader and a follower" (Steve Jobs)

What you can expect. (The Experience)

-A production experience that is as pleasant, exciting and stress free as possible. -Product excellence delivered through and by friendly, patient, passionate, competent, clever, creative people who love what they do. -Relaxed yet productive environment. -Free coffee.